How do you store your night protection


Clearly if you have young ones running around your house, you’re not going to have it set out like this, but my kids are adults. So what do you have by your bed?


No kiddos yet so… The other stuff is hidden and will remain a secret. :gun:


Friends ask do you sleep with a gun beside your bed? No! Xds45, glasses, ar15 in the corner
And springfield 30-06 under the bed…I like options!:yum:


XD subcompact 9mm on bedside table, (with one in the pipe). Remington 1100 loaded with #4 buckshot, in the corner.



I am confused by your nickname - Ky (Kentucky?) Vols (as in Tennessee Vols?) There is such rivalry between the two states in sports. Either way, welcome.

The #4 buckshot you chose to minimize penetration of interior walls - right? There was a video I saw recently that showed the difference in penetration between #4 buckshot and Triple 0 buckshot - absolutely huge difference (Triple 0 much more devastating). It was using .410 ammo, so maybe with what you are using (12 ga?), may not matter? Just wondering if you were aware of how much difference there is between the two buckshot sizes in terms of effects ???



I always have several firearms to choose from near my bed. They vary by size (and power, of course). But basically:

a ccw handgun for just checking out strange noise in the night – or – as a backup to a shotgun for when I am sure

a full size handgun for if/when it appears there is only one person invading my home

a shotgun for when I believe there is more than one person invading my home

I don’t carry all of them on any search thru my home, so the one(s) left behind are backups for if I need to get back to my bedroom for arms reinforcement.


Born and raised in Kentucky, but I am a Tennessee Vols Football fan. Kentucky has never been a powerhouse in football, so you need to pick someone to follow. I am old enough to have followed Tennessee through the 80’s and 90’s, when they lived in the Top 10. Plus I live close enough that local stations carried Vols games, too.



I spent my childhood in TN, so nice to see someone from KY is a Vols fan (too). Although, I don’t follow most sports much, it was unavoidable in my childhood (50’s to 70’s).

Thanks for clearing up my confusion.

Welcome to Full30 !


Anybody keep guns hidden and available throughout the house? In case someone tries to bust in when you’re cooking dinner or something. I don’t now, but it’s something I think about. If you do, what kind of setups do you have?


Mine’s either on me, or next to me.


No kids.

As I sleep a suppressed AR and M&P beside the bed, another M&P at the desk, when awake the one next to the bed is in the “living” part of the house.


Well the wife is pregnant so we are gonna have to take storage seriously sometime soon. Ugh I don’t like the idea of locking up something I might need in a split second but that’s life!


Cell phone, knife, flashlight & 12 gauge pump loaded w/ 3" 00 buck along my side of the bed plus a .357 mag revolver my wife hides on her side. We also have two pitbulls that are always on watch.



@Mister_Torgue congrat on baby on the way! However, baby on the way means you did NOT take your “night protection” very seriously! Lol


Congratulations, Mister_Torgue.

Best of luck in your wife’s pregnancy and (eventual) delivery.



(to hit 20)


@Mister_Torgue I think Robert is referring to your gun that fires the projectile that started the baby…


I wasn’t in a joking mood. Haha. I thought he meant that o wouldn’t be able to afford one with how expensive these things are.


Too late for that!!!’


Leave him alone his wife just took seriously what was poked at her in fun!