How far will a Howa 1500 Winchester Magnum chambered in .338 shoot with good power

I have watched a shooter hit a steel silhouette at a mile w/a 300 Winmag.
He hit it more than once. Long distance you need to keep the bullet supersonic to get the best accuracy. Once the bullet goes subsonic it is not near as stable.
The 308AR bunch shoots in the desert twice a year 100,200,300,450,500,600,850,1000 yds and a mile.


.300 Weatherby mag. Out to 500 yards.
ballistics.pdf (


It can be done, no doubt about that. And with a 12.5" barreled 308 if I remember one of 98Z5V’s posts correctly. We shoot out at steel 100- 600 yards with our 6 guns once a year.
I was directing my comments to the “Good Power” part of the OP. Miculek hit/ broke a balloon at 1000 yards with his 9mm, but I wouldn’t think breaking a balloon or hitting a steel plate alone classifies as “Good Power” Everyone’s opinion comes from from their own experience, but for me “Good Power” is a clean kill on a large animal.


I have that round in my database, If I use the G1 table (Single BC)
Same 300 yard zero,
Same Nosler Partition bullet,
The calculator is pretty close to the table you linked to.

G7 (Multi BC) with the Accubond Nosler (don’t have the Partition in my G7 database) shows slightly better performance. Ran the tables out to 2000 yards. 200+ inches drop at 1000 yards, 2000+ inches drop at 2000 yards (170 feet drop!)
Interesting the Weatherby .300 at 1000 yards has pretty much 1/2 the drop as the 308 Win. (17 foot vs 35 foot)

G1 single BC Nosler Partition

G7 Multi BC Nosler Accubond

Brothers 300 weatherby mag