How hard is it to cut a bullet in half?


I did this a while back, having my own range made things a whole lot easier.


Now that would have been impressive.


Naw, most anyone can hit a bullet with an axe.
Your shot was impressive, fur sure.
Maybe it was the camera angle, but the axe blade didn’t even look all that sharp, either.
Nice job.


Thanks, I actually surprised myself getting it on the second shot. I seem to recall mythbusters did that and it took them a long time. And they used a gun vise. I did it free hand.


Lol, I’m down to a 50 cent piece you know, I should be at a quarter very soon.


Only 1 minute left and I think I might have one.


silly me expecting an axe to cut a bullet in half, was thinking of a swinging axe.
Wouldn’t been easier to turn the playing card edge on than using 6 shots to cut in half :cowboy_hat_face: