How many mags do you own?


One friend of mine owns about 200 different mags. I wonder how many mags does the average gun enthusiast own?


I like to keep 15 pistol and 50 for my main rifle then about 20 for anything else.


I don’t know, enough that I need to label them,


Great question. This’ll give me an idea of what the average person and crazy person has. Sadly my mag count is pretty small…so far.

Makarov=1 original mag
Star BM=2 original mags
9mm carbine=3 mags
AR=2 mags


14 mags 20 1911 everything else everything else 2 to 3 each.


You need more to survive the zombie apocalypse


Trust me I know! I started late in the game.


Dont worry im starting a raider gang and you can join.


I was supposed to count?


They should all be numbered so you can rotate them.


Currently I only own one mag for my .22. I would like to get a couple more though, be able to shoot for longer between needing to stop and reload. At this point, I can’t really see myself getting more then 2-3 magazines per rifle.


I’d say 30? Between single mags, p mags, and glock mags.


50 rifle and 20 pistol feels like the sweet spot between practical and preppertard


@jf89 This sounds right. I need to get the mag holder racks then I was going to pick more up and keep em loaded. Thinking when I get the Q trash panda for the ar15 I will load quite a few with 77 noslers for just in case and rack em or have a duffel bag full of em.


Far more than I dare to claim publically. I have mags for guns that I know I have but can’t find.

For serious guns (aren’t they all? or they get sold) I have at least 6 for those. For super serious guns the number is much higher. The cost of the mags can easily rival the gun. Without mags it’s just a slow to fire single shot.


I second Brian’s response. I have no earthly idea how many I own… none. My closest guess is many many cubic feet worth. That is the idea, to have so many loaded magazines that it doesn’t matter.

  1. Buy a case of magazines. Load all of them with ammo. Store, and use at will.
  2. Buy a second case of magazines and load those as well.
    A firearm with out a magazine and ammo in it is just a really nice paperweight.


remove the empty and discover that was the last one - so for me, never enough


good to have a few extra mags for each gun (still working on that).

Goal maybe 5 mags per gun (depending on the gun)?

But then, what are mags without bullets? See my new topic about bullets…


Well… I after reading these comments, it’s about time to buy more PMAGS.


Minimum of 10 (ten) working, loaded mags for each serious purpose gun you own is a great place to start. If it’s a range toy, IDGAF, 3-5 mags would be what’d I’d keep around. Serious purposes…EDC, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, etc, a minimum of 10. I honestly dunno how many Glock mags & Pmags I have squirreled away in various places…