How many mags do you own?


One friend of mine owns about 200 different mags. I wonder how many mags does the average gun enthusiast own?


I like to keep 15 pistol and 50 for my main rifle then about 20 for anything else.


I don’t know, enough that I need to label them,


Great question. This’ll give me an idea of what the average person and crazy person has. Sadly my mag count is pretty small…so far.

Makarov=1 original mag
Star BM=2 original mags
9mm carbine=3 mags
AR=2 mags


14 mags 20 1911 everything else everything else 2 to 3 each.


You need more to survive the zombie apocalypse


Trust me I know! I started late in the game.


Dont worry im starting a raider gang and you can join.


I was supposed to count?


They should all be numbered so you can rotate them.


Currently I only own one mag for my .22. I would like to get a couple more though, be able to shoot for longer between needing to stop and reload. At this point, I can’t really see myself getting more then 2-3 magazines per rifle.