How many mags do you own?


Just bought a 10rd Gen 3 PMAG for the range. So I’m up to 3 now; 40, 30 and now a 10.


I like the 20-rd Pmags…perfect size imho. Need to look at the 10’s.


I need to get me a couple of 20’s myself!


So far 6 oem g19 mag’s, 6 lancer l5 ar15 mags


@Mister_Torgue a couple of 20 year olds?:sunglasses:


He’s not Robert…


Some of them are heavy enough to be a good club.


One thing that isn’t covered here is not so much how many mags one has, but what is done with them when they have been ejected. How many mags one has only means how long one can remain firing w/o recharging mags.

In a SHTF scenario one doesn’t eject and scoot. Doing that, in short order one has a single shot gun. Instead one has a pouch that the ejected mags are placed into and later refilled for later use. Of course if one is staying in place the pouch isn’t required.

There are mag loaders that refill mags in seconds allowing one to refill mags during a lull. (ETS or stripper clips)


Or tuck in your shirt and drop them down your shirt.


I have 105 Pmags 30rd you can guess how many others I have based on that.


Sounds like you’re ready for whatever! By the way, hello and welcome to the forum. Stick around. You’ll like it here.


Hm… I have a lot of mags… Not because I set out and determined, “I must have X mags to survive the apocalypse.”

Simply because I’ve collected a bunch for various purposes, trying out new mags, winning mags from competitions, and whatnot - AR-15 mags in particular.

I believe all of my guns have at least 2 mags. My competition guns have a bunch of mags, enough to get me through my matches.

I do have a few other mags I want to collect, such as an AR drum mag for poops n giggles. I feel like I need just one more mag for my competition pistol. I need some spare AICS mags for my 6.5 Creedmoor bolt action, but those mags are so expensive…


Those labels are pretty great.


I have three for my edc


What happened to the forth mag?

You should have 4, my favorite mags on one of my favorite cars (not mine pictured but how I picture mine would look)



Four for pistols, two or three for rifles, depending on capacity.
I don’t intend to get into a street battle or want to run very far loaded down with stuff and rattling like castanets.
There’s no real world reason for more, that I can see any need for, unless it’s for a lengthy training session.
Besides, are magazines meant to remain fully loaded for any length of time?
I recently rediscovered one that must have been like that for a few decades.
I was going to unload it and give it a rest, but didn’t want to pass up a chance
to find out if it still works the next time I go to the range.


Here’s some there are more cached
Rifle mags = never enough when you need them
Pistols =10-15 for a serious use pistol
Shotgun mags = I have about 20 for my vepr


So what am I when it is past 100 for rifles and 40 for pistols?:roll_eyes: Still buy more when a good sale shows up…
Better question is how many mags do you keep loaded at the ready?


An American!


Off to a good start.