How many mags do you own?


I like it :+1:


Thats a good number too, I had 200 AR mags at one point.


Ummmm I carry lucky 13 for my daily carry AR… 4 pistol mags… 2 more in the car…
I have to be in the 200 mag range… or something like that? Not sure I gave my sons like 10 or so each.


45 ACP 5, four standard 8 rounders, and 1 dreaded large capacity 10 rounder.
About 20, 20 round AR mags, and about 106 30 rounders. But these are not for me, they are for the women folk and trade stock.
I have 500 enblocs. Something that will never be banned.


Let’s not tempt fate, and stay vigilant. For the record I pray you are correct.


I can’t answer this question. If we’re talking ever mag, I’ve got mags for :poop: I don’t even own. AR, AK, Beretta, Sig,1911, and Glock mags? Honestly, I’d have to measure by weight. And, I’m always buying them. It’s like an addiction.

“Ooh…Look… Magazines! (repeatedly slaps vein in arm)”

Asked @TacticoolSasquatch1776 not to let me buy more AR mags. But, after the proposed ban, somehow, the shopping cart from one of my distributors is full of Pmags. Weird.

“I swear, baby, I don’t know how that happened. Clearly, one of those Full30 people broke into the house, logged on to my laptop, and filled the cart with mags. Only reasonable explanation.”

“One (hundred) in none, and two (hundred) is one.” That’s my philosophy.