How many people are going to stop doing business online if State Taxes will be enforced

I was just wondering how many out there are going to stop selling online in either their online store, Gunbroker, Auction Arms, etc. if state taxes for an out of state buyer are going to be enforced?

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It all comes down to bottom line cost for me, then customer service, reputation/reviews.

For me it has to with all the products, many of which I could never find locally.

I will continue to screw the corrupt government out of every dime I can, anyway I “legally” can.

Ship to a low or no sales tax state.
Or—Obey the law like an illegal immigrant :wink:

While that affects the bottom line there are still price differences from not having the rest of the overhead and I doubt it will change anything in overall shopping habits

1000 rounds online VS store favors online IMO
Overnight shipping on a pistol favors retailer IMO

all in all retailers need to have loss leaders, good selection and welcoming staff to fight the internet.


My guns are usually purchased online as I rarely have time to walk into any store for fun purchases

And of course credit cards and alcohol sometimes make it less that possible to resist buy now or just another bid :flushed:

The main reason I ask this is that I live in a no sales tax state (I have actually lived in 2 no sales tax states) and was wondering how many other business are faced with the same problem that I am.

I wonder how this is even going to be enforceable.

My entire business is online. So I don’t have much of a choice.

There are tools out there to help auto file.

TaxJar is an amazing piece of software.

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