How much ya squat?


I firmly believe being physically active is important for self defense. So, much ya squat? I recently hit 445!


When I was body building I did 410. My best leg press was 1200, which maxed out my gym. That was 8 sets of 6 reps.


400 was as high as I ever went. (8-10 yrs back)


I feel ALL my "past achievement " through out my body every day now! Lol last 8 years, I’ve modified my routine from heavy down to lesser weight for over all strength, mobility, & usefulness. I figure age gets us all eventually, I no longer need to be able to lift a house with 1 finger, I’ve damaged my body enough over the years! My peak, I weighed 298lb. Since, I’m comfortable at 245 lb.


You’ll laugh, but, I do the majority of my workout on the total gym now. With the exception of the elliptical machine & stationery bike. Dumbbell curls as well. The total gym takes a lot of pressure off my back for certain exercises I had difficulty doing with free weights after I injured my spine. Works excellent for me.


This was the gym I built, well, this was as I was building it and testing out my auto spot.


Yes vid unavailable, I’ll try again


Laugh for doing something for yourself?

Yea, that is a pretty crappy thing, what will tax payers do for you if you do it all yourself?


Having never been a gym junkie I totally misunderstood the question. I was thinking what the hell do you care? Maybe twice a day and once at night. Not consistent.


Try that, turns out it was set to private.

Here’s the gym finished. Built it all myself.



Looks like a great, solid set up!


Gotta get that mirror of the ground! I’ve cracked plenty with weights rolling into them.


Never did squats much, but:

In my heyday, (which was senior in high school up to early 30’s), I leg pressed 1400 pounds (minimum 1 set of 10 reps).

I could (back then), also leg curl (minimum 1 set of 10 reps), 550 pounds.

And, like Tactical_Reviews, I had trouble getting the weights that high, but managed. Sometimes, I would recruit other guys to stand on the weights I was lifting and lift them with the weights. Some other times, I would go to special gyms that had heavier max weights, though generally still not enough. Most often, though, I would end up (for the leg press), just doing half the weight, one leg at a time. So, for leg press, I would do on average, 700 pounds with one leg (10 times or more), and then 700 pounds with the other leg (also 10 times or more). I was able to get it all (barely) on the incline leg press.

I could (back then), also do 100 push ups in 1 minute.

At age 45, I did my most intense workout since - 65,000 pounds in 13 minutes.

In my early 50’s, I was still able to leg press about 900 pounds (1 set of 10 reps).

Now, I have doctor’s orders to keep the weights in my weight lifting down - it was damaging my left leg a bit, and my shoulders were (and still are) having tendon troubles (have gone thru a lot of therapy for that and more to come).

Can’t touch any of those achievements now, but I still work out.


My hubby uses that system too :slight_smile:




Cardio cardio cardio. Endurance over mass usually wins.
By the time Arnold types touch me - they’re tired and easily felled.


My wife’s always tellin…wait…er…nvm


I used to spend an hour on the elliptical several times a week.


Does 275x20 reps count as cardio?
Asking for a friend.


As long as it’s not 275 20oz beers​:rofl::joy: