How to cancel subscription


How do you cancel/delete membership/subscription ???


Like Facebook your soul now belongs to Full30


I’ve belonged to a few other forums. I’ve found you can’t just unsubscribe. But, after awhile they don’t even let you login. Soooo… I just avoided their contact with me by closing the email account they were on. Some will let you delete content. Good luck ?


its like the MAFIA!!!


Why do you want to bother unsubscribing?
If it’s just to avoid being on some kind of list, it’s way too late for that.
Considering all the personal data that is being collected on all of us, the only way to avoid it is to throw out the computers.
Not too likely since we all have become too dependent on them.
The best defense to dealing with big brother is with numbers.
The more of us there are, the harder it is for them to deal with us.
Don’t sweat it, Subscribe away.