How to earn badges


Did you know there’s badges you can earn? These help us identify which members are the most active, even if you don’t know about them. But if you wish to see what’s available, and how to earn more, you just click here.

Once you are on that page, you can read about them, and how to earn them.

Full30 Leaders Announcement

Badges, we don’t need no stinkn badges! But they are nice to have and collect.


Great movie. Got the Blu-ray and want to watch it again. Too bad my wife falls asleep to the older stuff.


These badges are literal participation trophies…just sayin


Liberal participation you said


Same thing…Im about to go Alex Jones and conspirasy theory the sh** out of this…just let me finish this bottle of Jameson first.









pffffft who wants to collect badges?
We should rename them STAMPs
Because we all know stamp collecting is way funner (the nerd in me - more fun)/


Like ATF stamps or postage stamps?


other / or
but has to be stamps with guns.


How many people here remember Blue Chip Stamps or S&H Green stamps?
You could buy stuff with ‘em back in the day.

Us Crustys know. The rest of you google it.


Support the site. Buy badges individually or in convenient packs.


I made a funny!!!


Oh, I remember them. I’m not quite old enough to have collected any, but as a kid, I can remember my parents collecting the S&H Green Stamps, and then they had these catalogs that you could pick out prizes from. That was many, many moons ago.


How can I sell my badges? I will give you a 2 for 1 deal.


I like badges. Makes me feel important. Gets me all warm and fuzzy. #badgesturnmeon :shield::sweat_drops:


I hate badges, makes me feel like I am being labeled.


@jf89, why do I have the feeling you should be used to that, by now? Lol