How to Find the Best Hunting Rifle on Any Budget - Full30

Another extensively good write-up by our in house expert @JoshActual !


My hunting rifle is a budget as it gets a Remington 770. It’s basically a garbage rod the shots accurate. Everything else about it sucks. The plus side if i drop it out of a tree stand the only thing that would upset me is my hunt is over till i can recheck the zero.


I have one of those. Love the damn thing, even though it’s the cheapest firearm I own lol.


For a beater hunting rifle I have always liked Savage rifles with an accutrigger but only in .308 win or lighter. The .300 win mag ones kick like a mule due to being so lightweight. Think I paid $300 for my old .308 and $425 for the 300 win mag but I sold the cheap scope that came with it for $75 (I think it was a bushnell)