How to improve your accuracy with a good grip and trigger pull.



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I struggled with the audio


I even went in to increase the audio level. When I watch it the audio is a little softer than the ad before it. The quality isn’t the best. It’s an older video using a GoPro before I invested a few grand in cameras, lighting, and audio.


+1 Great subject. We should do a how-to and tips n tricks section for newer shooters or for review of anyone who is experienced. I like learning new techniques and others’ processes.

I learned recently (keep in mind I’m teaching myself everything) that my off-hand was squeezing too tightly (creating a slight pull) and in essence causing me to pull my shots to the left a bit, which was especially noticeable with follow-up shots. Nothing drastic, but enough to increase the shot group by about 2~3" @ 7 & 10yrds. I’ve actively loosened that up a bit and my groups got tighter. Who knew? :cowboy_hat_face:


Grip plays a huge role. Far to many people believe they need to grip real tight. Another thing I didn’t mention in this video is the distance between the back strap and the trigger. If you finger is longer than that distance, your finger wont sit along the frame and will cause issues. If your finger is too short, you’re reaching, and again, effecting the grip. That’s why a lot of newer guns have changeable back straps.