How to Make Dummy Rounds


Hey guys so i just uploaded a new video on my channel on how to make some Dummy Rounds at home as a weekend project or just for fun. these are great for Dry fire training and for running pistol malfunction training drills. I hope you guys like the video.


I’ll taker a look in a moment, but have you considered having a channel here? @full30nick is the guy to ask. If you just want some videos posted here, you can use the forum channel


@Tactical_Reviews Id love to have a Channel here with this community. i emailed before when the whole Youtube Gun channel crap was in full effect and even signed up when they had the signup process but nothing ever happened. but definitely if @full30nick would consider giving me the opportunity to have a channel here that would be awesome!!!.


You got it! Gonna be a little bit before that list goes active still, so I can help in the meantime!


I second this. TheHobbyGunsmith would be a good channel to have here.

Also, Nick, I sent you and Kristen an email a few days ago. Could you take a look?


saw that, waiting on word from mark on how to proceed.


@Mosinvirus Awesome thank you brother i appreciate that.


@full30nick I just replyed to your email needed you to check it out whenever you have a minute.


Thanks Nick for getting on it right away.


When I was making dummy 308 rounds to induce malfunctions at my FAL rifle match I used to add some low temp silver solder to the back of the round, leave the primer out, and heat the neck until I got flow. Test check in chamber check die.

I did this because we were re-using the rounds and I was afraid we would induce a malfunction where the bullet would come loose into the bbl lands and get stuck.

I have since switched to using blanks to induce a mandatory malfunction, much safe all around.

Just understand if you do not crimp this type of dummy round well, the bullet will eventually seat too deep on chambering or will get stuck in the bbl lands on chambering.