How to move quickly on a shooting stage [Full30 Video]

In the competitive shooting world, movement is what sets aside the good shooters from the great shooters. In the defensive shooting world, movement often means the difference between life and death. But what is “movement” when it comes to the world of shooting? Movement means transitioning quickly and smoothly between multiple shooting positions, getting in and out of shooting positions quickly, and accurately putting shots on target while moving.

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Good stuff. When you said you were almost to a Master ranking, is that for USPSA or IDPA or 3 gun?

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In my head? ALL OF THEM!

In reality? Just USPSA as I haven’t shot IDPA or 3 Gun in a while.

I’ve been too busy to do any IDPA or 3 Gun… wow… this entire year, though I have shot them in the past and plan on getting back into them in the future.

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Nice demonstration.
One quick question, though.
How come your practice pistol is the same color as Kermit the Frog.
Curious minds want to know.


It was cheap?

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