How to Oil and Lubricate Your Gun (and how NOT to) ~ New in HD!



it is long but if you have ever wondered or why, sit back and learn.


Good advice. I see so many people using the wrong the lubricants (one step CLP) or way too much lubricant. For example, I’ve heard many people say that AR’s need to be run wet. Baloney! I apply lubricant ONLY to surfaces where actual metal-to-metal contact occurs. Any more is just attracting dirt.



According to the scientists who study such things, just a molecule of lubricant will protect parts in contact with one another,
Unless there’s abnormal friction or a loss of lubrication like for engine piston rings, where the oil is constantly being scraped away, there’s no need for excessive lubrication.


I lube my AR pretty much like Kyle Lamb does in the video. Ive ran my rifle hard in a couple carbine courses and I definitly prefer it to be a little more wet than a little more dry. Too much lube does gunk the rifle up quick though, I started seeing issues either way within 500 rounds.


For the BCG, Kyle put lube exactly where it needs to be…only on the metal contact surfaces. I oil the same places, but I use less. Lately I’ve been experimenting with fully synthetic grease instead of oil. The grease stays in place and doesn’t evaporate when the gun heats up. It only requires a very thin layer for silky smooth cycling. Does anyone else use grease?


Does Frog lube count?lol it was ok, definitely lubes the friction points better but dust/dirt sticks to it.


So far, the gun doesn’t appear to be any more or less dirty when using grease. AR’s are dirty girls regardless. :grin: The only difference I notice is the staying power…the grease is still in place after 200+ rounds. Either way, the gun has been equally reliable. I clean my rifle after each range session (200-300 rounds), so I haven’t tested the grease beyond that.


Ive went 7k without cleaning my AR and only using clp, it is super dirty at that point. With frog lube I only used it for a bit so it wasnt much of a test but you can see the dirt in it. I live in Eastern Oregon there is dust everywhere and alot of wind, it only takes a couple long range sessions to see where the dust ends up.


A little excessive?


Over lubrication can cause your rifle to gunk up, Kyle Lambs video is probably a better example of how you should lube your rifle.