How to Promote my content more


I may be new to YouTube, blogging, and forums but not new to my enthusiasm over firearms. I haven’t had much time over the past several years to pursue my interest of the subject due to schooling and such; however, over the course of my learning experience with promoting my passion for firearms and associated topics. I found that social media is against promoting any advertising for guns, education, and training even if you’re not selling. These sites include YouTube, Facebook, Reddit (horrible experience by the way), and Google making a beginner have an extremely tough time trying to promote their channel. This is one of the reasons amongst others why I joined this community; which is, to grow, connect, and seek advice from following enthusiasts. The question I have is how to go about promoting and getting my content out there, advertising my channel, Facebook…….all suggestions welcome



what go’s up must come down, don’t strive for instant stardom or you’ll burn on reentry, rather, just be yourself, nurture your friendships, and don’t worry a bit about anyone else.


Most of us have had to deal with the Internets hoplophobia for many years, even decades. I’ve had all my accounts blocked from any kind of paid promotions on all anti-social-media platforms. With Google I even offered $1000 a week and was turned down. I will no longer provide a cent of my hard earned money to any of these sites. Instead I use them to promote sites such as this forum, and my new video channel, Tactical-Reviews This was after screwtube deleted my channel there. As Robert mentioned, work with friends and grow. It’s the networking between like minded people that helps you grow. This is what I try to do.


Thanks @Robert, I value your opinion…cheers!


@Tactical_Reviews, very akward position these social media platforms are playing…I do agree with you, but these algorithms that YouTube and others apply is just unjust…cheers for your thoughts!!


I never read their policies, they may have reserved the right from day one to grant access to anyone for any reason, which would not be unjust



@Robert I guess it depends on which side of the picket line you’re on…from the companies perspective it’s their policies (I can understand that), and from the user…well it’s frustrating, I guess each is to their own!!


Screwtube will define their rules as they see fit. They can’t even follow their own rules. After 8 months of being harassed by them, I kept asking, please tell me what ToS I’m violating. They simply reply, read the ToS. I know that, but what have I violated so I can be sure to not violate it again. Read the ToS. When they finally deleted my channel, they made up a reason claiming spam, scam, and deceptive content.


@ Tactical_Reviews, I am sorry this happened to you, but I am glad that this community is here. I have great hope that this Full30 channel is going to be different and not impinge on our enthusiasm for firearms; ultimately, the reason in which we all come here for.


If you want popularity and growth you will have to produce high quality product. Regardless of the subject you cover in your content this would mean (my opinion):

  1. Great camera/mic and/or other equipment.
  2. Time to edit content together (making content entertaining or educational, but not too long and boring)
  3. Upbeat personality
  4. Scripting your delivery
  5. Unique perspective and/or content (in some way)
  6. Regularly scheduled content releases/posts

This is coming from someone who doesn’t follow his own advice, but then again, i was not in it for the money. (Primary source of income)


@Mosinvirus, I appreciate your advice…maybe you can scrutinize my video, tell me what I can do better. I too, are not in it for a primary source of income. This is something I have never done, out of my comfort zone, editing is not my background, my content is teaching my wife to be comfortable with firearms and home defense scenarios (working on a farmland deal to begin shooting on) …so I am learning as I go.

cheers for your thoughts!!


Speed up or shorten the slow bits, like when she was loading up at the range. You’ll lose people at that point.


I actually just went onto your channel and saw that very video… let me gather my thoughts.


Thank you in advance!!


I have a DoucheTube channel for my business with only a couple of videos on it. However, I did have a channel a few years back that didn’t do terrible for a small scale deal. I do not have a channel on Full30 (yet…hopefully…) as it takes a while to get in here.

But, I’m just gonna jump in here. If I sound overly critical, let me apologize, in advance. People get touchy when they ask for critique and get it.

For starters, your passion for the content seems genuine and that’s important. People need to believe you genuinely want to create content. And, your camera is more than adequate. The sound is a little on the hot side in the office. There’s a few ways to address that. But, it’s not a huge deal. Including your wife is a nice touch.

As for the meat and potatoes of the content. If you want to be noticed, look for something that either hasn’t been done (good luck) or things that are less…abstract. What I mean is, if you ask people on here, I don’t think you’ll find many people choosing a rifle over a shotgun for home defense. It’s not so much that you aren’t interesting, yourself. I’d totally subscribe and watch your videos. Good lighting, attractive people, bright colors, guns, cool accent (is that racist? Lol), these are all things working in your favor. But, maybe narrow it to specific shotguns, or handgun versus rifle, or SBR/PDW versus full sized rifle. What I’m getting at is, “Shotgun/Rifle for home defense” isn’t something that a lot of people would give thought to. They’re gonna go, “Shotgun,” and click off after the first minute. If you’re planning to do anything in the 5 minute plus length, you’re gonna need to keep them engaged.

Also, an indoor range is always going to handicap a gun video if you don’t own the range. There’s others shooting, wrecking your audio, the partitions form a box that screams “amateur.” I don’t mean that to sound offensive or dissuade you. But, you said you’re working on an outdoor range. I’d go with that. Really frees you up for all sorts of things and allows you to setup in a manner that you have complete control over.

Also, just a suggestion, but have you thought about introducing yourself and your wife? Your channel is “a bloke’s two cents.” So, give us a video persuading us as to why we want your two cents. Some background on you. Do you have experience with firearms? Competition, LE/military, gunsmithing, sales, manufacturing? Or, are you new to the gun world? Just starting out? Convince us why you’re an expert or why you aren’t. Either way, it makes viewers invest in YOU. Not the content. It’s why we’ll sit through 25 minutes of Eric from IV8888 yammering in a “gun gripe” or 3 minutes of Hicock45 doing a “woods walk” instead of the usual steel ringing and gun review. Because we are attached to the creator.

I think you have a real future in internet videos. And these are just my “two cents” (see what I did there. Lol). Hopefully, you’ll take them with a grain of salt. I’m, by no means, the expert on making videos. There’s guys here way more experienced than I am at that. And, I have no intention of this being construed as ridicule or me dissuading you from future content (because I honestly do want to see more). You asked for input and I want to help any way I can. These are just the thing’s I see based off the three videos you have up. Hopefully, I helped. Keep it up, man! :+1:


I have gathered some thoughts. And I will be as critical as I can be, but remember that I am not some hot-shot video guy. And I can appreciate the fact that both you and your wife are taking part in the video. Your videos are well done, and this is more of nitpicking… I know you both will get much more comfortable making videos in the future, and they will naturally improve.

  1. Thumbnail. I suffer from the same, my thumbnail images are NOT click bait.
  2. Background and lighting. Difficult to get done right, I know, but more lighting would probably be better.
  3. I was a little thrown by the fact that you could have taught some basic manipulations, loading, unloading (with snap caps of course) in the office, but chose to do it at the range. I think a lot of perspectives could have been covered outside of the range, where you could discuss them (weight, comfort, etc) on video ahead of range time.
  4. When you are talking about the gun, do closeups on the gun.

Overall, I think you are doing much better than many other new channels. You are off to a great start.

I was going to write some of the other stuff but @DarkCornerGunworks already mentioned it.


I saw you replying and was worried you were gonna beat me to a lot of the points I was making while I was getting long winded. Lol. Great minds think alike, I guess. :rofl::+1:


In regards to lighting, get the right lights. I’m going off memory here, so don’t wig out if I get the numbers wrong. I believe standard shop lights etc are around 3500k, these tend to be a little yellow. You want hotter lights, around 6000 or 6500, these are more white and give a better image in the video.

If you’re not happy with the sound, you can use Audacity, it’s free online and does a fair job.


@DarkCornerGunworks, Thank you for your input. I will take everything you said and work on it…It’s hard to realize what the consumer thinks when your attempting to bring meat an potatoes to the table. That being said I really do appreciate your advice, and no worries I really do not take it to heart…more of a learning experience "it’s not how hard we fall, it’s how we get back up " (Rocky, 2010).