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@Mosinvirus, thank you for your thoughts…I know I have to improve and definitely will get better each video. The amount of editing that short time took because both my wife fuddled up so much…haha but we are new and hopefully will improve over time. I work on getting more lighting, better content, and try to make it more appealing…cheers!!


Always happy to help. It’s tough to try to give constructive criticism on the internet. Because, it can be the most constructive in the world, and people still get butt-hurt over it. And content is hard without objective eyes. I’ve scrapped whole videos I thought were great just because the general consensus was I as wrong. Lol. I really do think you have tons of potential. And would love to see an “about twocents” kinda video. You’re doing great.

Oh, and as for promotion, clearly, I’m a gun business. Facebook stiffed me almost immediately. Try instagram. It’s entirey mobile which makes sharing youtube videos tough. But, you can tease to YT vids and post content that garners attention. I’ve gotten way more interest there than I have anywhere else and I don’t work it near as hard as I probably should. It’s worth checking out.


@DarkCornerGunworks, I actually am on Instagram…can you guess my name haha “ablokestwocents” no worries I have pretty tough skin. I’m sorry Facebook did that to you. So far this channel and learning has been a fun journey… I have also been getting some advice from by acquaintance Adam from NFA Review channel…he has been very helpful so far!!


I agree with @Mosinvirusin that the loading and manipulation of the weapon should have been done outside of the range. Some people who might feel the same as your wife did might get some benefit from hearing what you’re teaching her. That whole section of silent video was not useful because we couldn’t hear what you were saying. Also, the explanation of how the shotgun works could have been stronger. It seemed vague. People that genuinely don’t know how it’s supposed to work still won’t know after that explanation. Maybe some close ups or graphics explaining that would have been better.


Just saw the video. I’m not a film maker or content producer. So I don’t know enough to add to what’s already been said. Just wanted to say I subscribed, though.


& content promoted.


I subscribed!


being yourself can make all the difference. I have seen youtubers that have awesome production and no viewers and some that have no product knowledge at all have a ton. If you have a message you want people to hear, share it. Don’t worry about the viewers trying to get them usually means you have to compromise your integrity.


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@ZEKESHOOTS I appreciate your advice…cheers


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