How to sight in rifle

Post your knowledge here.


This is a great method, I’ve used it several times. However, I would like to add that three shots are needed. Most scopes use a spring system to hold zero. When you fire the weapon it can cause the aim point to move a little as it centers itself. Also, many scopes have one click is 1/4" MOA at 100 yards.


Spot on. This is how I do it. Usually measure before adjusting. End at 100 shooting a group. Just to be sure. Works well. I am always seeing guys trying to sight in cranking down on the turrets randomly. Really bothers me. I try to explain, but its a hit or miss (haha). Most dont know that its as easy as measuring and adjusting.


A little math goes a long ways.


With coupons and rebates this cost minimal $$
Works great, saved a bunch of sight in ammo.
Aligned my Red dot in a couple second with it.


I do need to rezero my red dot on the AR now that we have access to a longer outdoor range. Does this method work with a red dot?

Also, slightly off topic but where can I find the information that tells me if the rifle is zero’d at one distance (say 50yds) how far will the rise/drop be at closer and further disances 10yds, 25yds and 100yds for example, using .223/5.56 out of aforementioned AR (16" / .223 wylde upper)? I need to be able to have some accurate information here so my wife and I can start to gain some skill on paper with the rifle at more than 25 yards which was the only disance we had available to us previously.


Works on any type of sight from iron to telescopic.


No need to be that precise. That’ll do nicely! Thanks!

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I’ve also used one of these for years. Usually take it out at dusk, and sight it across the back yard. Gets me very close every time.