How to Texture a Polymer Frame


Hey guys, so this is part 3 of the Glock 43 Project. In this video i demonstrate the process that i use to texture (stipple) the polymer frame, and how i achieve straight lines. Hope you guys like this one. Enjoy.


Merlin7 here, I liked the presentation and it was very informative. Accentuating the the edge work for straight lines really helps in planning the project. Thanks


@Merlin7 Thank You im glad you liked the video. I hope to come out with better content each time.


I generally use a wood cutting v tool to cut borders in frames
Good video
I also generally ask a customer if they want straight line stipple and most want a random pattern


Awesome video, the end result is great. I suddenly want a stipple job on my XD…


Thanks, I definitly want to try cutting deep borders to make a defined line. i will most likely do so on a upcoming Glock 19 Project i want to do a video on. for the most part ive never had a customer who wanted a specific pattern its was mostly how aggressive of a feel they wanted on the texturing.


@USMCMahon hahaha Nice. be careful with the XD though the polymer that the factory uses is different. its more like the Factory A1 Ar-15 Grip Polymer that is tougher and melts a bit different. you need to get a feel for it.


Have you ever used any of the otd tips ?


@Giantspeed Never tried before. are they worth it? i always used the fine tip, thick tip, or a custom grind i would do.


Take a look at there site


I will definitely check them out.


I’ve never used a wood checkering setup to de polymer I’m guessing it would be harder on both the tool and to do as polymer contains crushed glass for reinforcement within.


How could I find some Glock polymer pieces of broken or just not usable grips so I can practice stippling to find out which pattern I like?


get some A-1 Ar-15 grips they are cheap and made of polymer. great to practice on.