How to upload videos?


Youtube refugee here, curious why I don’t see anywhere to upload videos to our Profile? What am I missing?

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Sadly, Uploads are by invitation only.


Uploads are by invitation only right now, but Tim from Military Arms Channel said it should be open to anyone in 2018. I haven’t heard exactly when, yet.


Came over from Youtube but not being able to post content is discouraging. I’ll most likely not be back until this is changed.


yeah, my videos are now in violation of the youtube user policies since I am a casting/reloading channel on youtube. Showing how to make ammo is now a “no no” on youtube… Would really love a place to host my content which wasn’t anti-gun.


I won’t be holding my breath to post content anytime soon. WHich sucks because there is no where else to post videos that is worth a damn.


Hey there, I’d suggest trying Bitchute in the meantime, a lot channels who have been banned from YT are migrating to Bitchute and InRangeTV is already there, Ian from ForgottenWeapons also said he will consider Bitchute in case he gets banned from YT.


By invitation only is going to hurt this site.

They need to change that, and soon!


I’d be fine with an annual fee to have video posting privileges. A hundred or so a year would be doable for most folks easily and help fund the venture.


This site will fail if it’s features won’t mirror YouTube. With the new rules on YouTube we’re looking for a platform to replace it and post our content. We were hoping this would be it but obviously without any user having the ability to post videos it will not be popular.


I thought this place was going to replace youtube for the firearms enthusiast. It looks like I’m off to Bitchute to check them out.