How to Use a Shot Timer to Maximize Dry Fire Training

The shot timer never lies. Such a common statement in the competitive shooting world, and such a true statement. Anyone can claim to be fast, but a shot timer definitely shows the exact speed of a shooter.

This training tool is a fantastic tool to put your skills to the test and measure them in an extremely quantifiable way.

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I watched this video, guess I should be watching some more, good stuff :+1:

Yes you should watch some more! :stuck_out_tongue:

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For those of us who also practice with airguns, Double Alpha has a wristwatch size timer that hears airguns.
I have one and it does just that, works as advertised.
The company is in Holland, but they have a distributor in PA, USA.

My poor man’s shot timer: Hold your hand out straight in front of you, palm down. Place a quarter on the bak of your hand. If you can tip the quarter off and draw and fire before it hits the ground, it’s a good start. If you get 2 shots off, even better.


brings a whole new meaning to plugging a quarter into the slot…


A shot timer can also be handy for timing your reloading skills, pistol or revolver…


A shot timer is handy for pretty much everything.