How well do FN FAL and HK91 type rifles work with silencers?

Hey everyone, I’m looking to possibly getting either battle rifle, but I’m not sure how well they would suppress. If I were to get one, I’d be sticking an Omega on it.
Are they good guns to put cans on? Or do I need to be looking at something else?

I just watched a couple YouTube videos, and they seem to be a round the sound level of a 22 rifle.

They are suppressable, but I wouldn’t say either is ideal for suppression. The HK91, and clones there of, are roller locked rifles with fluted chambers. The flutes allow gas to blow past the spent casing upon firing. With a suppressor attached this blow-by gas pressure will increase significantly and the ensuing “chamber pop” will likely put the rifle well outside of the hearing safe range.

The FAL has an adjustable gas system so you can tune the gas system to work more precisely with the suppressor in place so it won’t beat the rifle to death.

Personally, I would go with an AR10, SCAR, or some other modern rifle that’s better suited for suppression. The FAL shouldn’t be a bad host though. The HK91, or it’s clones, would be one of my last choices for a suppressed .308 semi-auto.

Thanks Tim, I was leaning towards getting a PTR 91, but I never considered the fluted chamber, and I agree that it wouldn’t be an ideal gun to suppress because of it. SCAR’s are out of my price range but I’ll definitely look into putting together a AR10.