Howard Stern 'Do you want a fighting chance or not?'


First time I can appreciate Howard Stern


Good stuff, Im surprised he is pro 2A.


@Robert That pic looks identical to the chic bill Cosby allegedly stuck his pudding pop in…



…Hey hey hey…good one


Tell me they’re not the same person!


Who are you talking too, Roberta.


“Kids say the darnedist things”


Actually, Howard Stern is a pretty smart guy.

I have watched his show a number of times and am convinced he is okay by me.

Go Howard!


I had to google the ‘present’. After he allegedly drugged her and she got a ‘Hot Cosby’, she gave him a sweater.

Back to the OP, I don’t care for what Howard Stern sells but he is pro 2A, so go Howard!



Yeah, Howard and I aren’t much alike (outside of our mutual love of the 2nd amendment). But, he does have some smarts to him - something I respect.

He is a bit loose, otherwise, for me. But appears no harm done in general.


Oh I won’t argue with you there. He’s a very intelligent man. We need more people from all walks of life to stand for what is right! I’m glad he’s on our side with the audience that he can reach.