Howdy All, Glad to be Here!


Thanks much to Robert for the invitation to join here. I am a member on several forums,, SigTalk, ESEE Knives Forum, and I am a construction inspector for federal highway working construction jobs for the national park service, national forest service, and fish and wildlife in the eastern half of the United States. I’ve been doing this just over 5 years now, spent almost 25 years working construction on the contractor side of things.
Been a gun nut since I can remember, Grandpa turned me loose with a single shot 410 at five years old. Took a correspondence course in gunsmithing at 14. I was introduced to the AR pattern rifle in the 1/75th and really didn’t have much interest in bolt action rifles after that.
I work for the federal government but have never been a fan of the socialist path it has been on sine the early 1900’s. I have always been active in politics, up until I took this job I had been a delegate to the Iowa republican state convention since I returned home from the service.
Never been an F-Book member due to the political stance they take. Happy to see the video hosting here as an alternative to you tube. Honored to join you all here.


Welcome to Full30 forum @jtallen83 Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Honored to have you here,

Thank you for the good intro, working for the Federal Govt should be something to be proud of, its unfortunate you have to add the caveat on socialism.

God Bless America


Welcome aboard


Welcome to the Full30 forum.


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, jtallen83.

So, now you are an AR fan? What other types of guns do you like/prefer?


Love the AR platform, built several 308’s and 5.56’s as well as a couple 300 BO. I was strictly a 1911 guy till a few years back when I was introduced to the 226, had two in short order. EDC is a 938 or a 239 depending on dress, Sig is my go to for pistols. Got into suppressors as soon as they were legal in Iowa, really enjoy having them.


Proud to serve any way I can. The adjustment from the real world where money matters to here where it is just numbers on a spread sheet was a drastic adjustment, they still haven’t gotten used to me :wink:
When I was hired they said they needed some real world contractor experience to balance their approach so there are people trying to steer things in the right direction.


Welcome … Long time No See ! Where have you been ?


Been a busy summer and fall, still on 308AR daily though. Slow there now with everyone out in the desert, hopefully I can make that trip happen one of these years.


The Fall Shoot was awesome !!!
Been busy working, not posting much.
Think i’m going to like this site !


thx for the info, jtallen83.

I have yet to buy my first AR, but am considering different models.

So, between .308, .300 Blackout, and 5.56 - you have a favorite for general purpose shooting?

I like 1911’s, too, just bought my 3rd one recently (had sold the other 2) - SA1911 Mil Spec. Not really counting my Sig P238 HD’s as 1911’s (guess I should, though).


For training and range fun I’d have to say 5.56, more rounds to the dollar. Subsonic 300 BO with a suppressor is outrageously fun though, great for introducing the youngsters to the AR being such a quiet and soft shooter.


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome! I also work for the government but the way I wrapped my mind around it coming from the private sector is they can pay me to do the job with the help of current technology or they can pay at least 10 people to do it the old way without the tech.


Welcome 308 Brother!


Welcome to Full30! Glad you found us and hope you like it here.


thanks, jtallen83.

good points. I need to look into ammo costs more.


Welcome to the Channel Brother.