Howdy from Arkansas, say Hello - lets Network


My name is Jake, Jake2670 on the net, well there is another, but he’s a gamer, I’m all about back to Nature n the Simple Life. I do use some tech, but its getting less n less as I age, born in 1970 for ref. I’m into all kinds of guns, not many i don’t want to know more, shoot or find out what make em tick, always learning. I guess I can say I’m a retired prepare, getting too broke down to live it anymore, but still have a plan, lets chat. You look me up on FB or YT will get a better idea of who I am. I list stuff on CL (fort smith, AR)- haven’t seen a classifieds section on here yet.


Hello and welcome to the Forum! Stick around, you’ll like it here. Also, I see you’ve found Marketplace! Happy tradin’ and selling!


thanks, finding my way, think I put it under someone else, but fig it out. Haven’t seen much about knives yet, but see other gear so don’t c why can’t start one :slight_smile:




Welcome to the forum Brother.


Welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us here! If you are into the simple living you may like Gary Collins ( There was a really good interview of him by Jack Spirko you may like ( where he talks about simplifying his life.



Welcome to Full30 forum @jake2670 Good to have you here. We do have a classified section here, you can find it on the main menu.

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Welcome @jake2670
Great to have you here at Full 30!
( I am just glad that you are not Jake from State Farm!..)




Welcome aboard!




Welcome to the forum.


Hello neighbor, Ed here from North east Arkansas. I haven’t learned how to make my own post so I picked on my fellow Ar Kansan.
I don’t do as hunting as I used to. Bad back poor doctor. But I do target shooting and reloading. Getting to where reloading is something I enjoy more and more. Currently I’m shooting the new 224 Valkyrie. Love the cartridge. Hello to all the members!


Welcome to the forum


Welcome Ed. Glad to have you here.



Welcome to the Full30 Forum.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Hello n Welcome Ed. U did good, I made this post for anyone in the area to say Hi. I’m still learning the site too, but at least got this up so now us Arkies have a place to meet. I made a Trading Post too if U got something want to sell.