Howdy from Houston, Texas

Welp, I just arrived here after hearing Hickock45 mention Full30. Isn’t it interesting how the leftists who run google are demonstrating how “tolerant” and “liberal” they are toward views that differ from their own.

Anybody know of a search engine run by conservatives? Bing ain’t. Neither is Yahoo. Back in the 90s I used Alta Vista, but it got bought out by Yahoo. So it’s no more.

Anyway, back to why I decided to join. I’m a firearms enthusiast. I have a concealed carry permit and I carry almost everywhere I go.

Recently I bought an AR-15, made by Stag Arms, and I’ve had only one opportunity to shoot it. It seems to be accurate enough. The jury’s still out. I didn’t bring my benchrest rig with me when I went to the Range, so all I had to use were sandbags.

I have several pistols, but I’m more of a long gun guy. Mostly, I like shooting my bolt guns. I enjoy just punching holes in paper targets. All my civilian bolt guns are sub-MOA. One is sub-1/2 MOA (a 22-250 varminter with bull barrel).

I have three non-civilian bolt guns – they’re all Enfields. A No. 1 Mk III, a No. 4 Mk II and a No. 1 Mk III that was converted into a “Jungle Rifle” – a loose approximation of the No. 5 Mk I. All are great fun to shoot. Just wish .303 ammo wasn’t so expensive.


Welcome! I’m a fellow Houstonian myself. What part of Houston? I’m NW.

I don’t know how conservative but i use Duck Duck Go. They don’t track.

Sounds like its time to reload for that .303


Welcome from a fellow Stag owner a few hours north of you in the DFW area!


Welcome, duck duck go is legit and your best bet.


Good to have you here Brother. From one enfield shooter to another I sure love those rifles. I recommend this ammo if your in the market.

Happy shooting!


Welcome from just north of DFW!