Howdy from San Diego


Steered to the site by Robert and other friends from another forum. Looking forward to getting involved with a new comunity and getting to know everyone. I come from the overly restricted land of California…I know, “move” right? Somebody has to stick around and resist.

My screen name comes from my past hobby of off road race photography. Dirk Nasland Photography. I’m a third generation Land Surveyor and have two boys at home (3 and 8) that may become the fourth. Shooting has been another hobby over the years and I enjoy teaching the kids and passing on what I can to them. This was my oldest’s first day out when he was 5. Thanks again for having me.


when you mentioned road race and DNP - my thought was Did Not Place…


If there was ever any racing in my past, Did Not Place would have been there fairly often.

I started off shooting a lot of Baja races 250, 500, and the 1000. That spun into stateside races and stadium stuff. CORR and the Lucas Oil. Had a lot of fun. Wife quit letting me go to Baja in 2007 and I stopped a lot of the rest when my first was born. It’s been too long. I’d love to get back into it…if I can ever find the time.


Welcome aboard! Hope you found a new home, as this is a great place with a lot of helpful friendly people. Glad to see that California still has at least one person left with a weapon… lol


Good morning and welcome!


Beautiful photos thank you for joining!


Welcome to the Full30 forums


Awesome and welcome. Not much better fun than off road and firearms.


Welcome to full30…


Welcome to Full30!


I have advocated this for years!

Welcome to the forum Brother!!!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here and happy that you are teaching them young. we need more of this Gun Safety and Discipline.


Welcome to Full30 Forum, DNP.

And, good luck in California.


Welcome @DNP
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome to Full30 forum @DNP Good to have you here. Hopefully California isn’t a lost cause and we’ll get it back.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Welcome ! I bet the BAHA’s were Awesome!


Welcome to Full30. I’m right up the 5 from you in OC. Not going to stay and resist though. As soon as possible, we’re moving. Probably to Idaho.


Definitely, resist. Glad you joined us there!


I can respect that. Every American should have a little of that in them, its in our blood, our culture (or whats left of it). This country is not like Canada, we did not ask the crown permission for our Republic, there was blood spilled for it. It only makes sense that some Americans would still have that in them.