Rogue Gunn Works,
We are a Class 7 and SOT out of Belgrade Montana. Been a professional gun smith since 1989. While mainly focused on military type weapons, we are Montana’s premier Cerakote applicator. We hold classes for the general public to sign up for, post a lot on social media, and generally try to have a good time. Chris from Suppressed Nation invited us over so what the heck. Here we are.



Great stuff going on, impressive, look forward to hearing more from you!


Welcome aboard


Welcome to the forum Brother!




Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to Full30, RogueGunnWorks.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome @RogueGunnWorks. Glad you found us.


Welcome to Full30…:building_construction:


Welcome to Full30 @RogueGunnWorks Good to have you here. Great bunch of people here.

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Right on! Welcome to Full30!




Welcome aboard!! Glad to have you guys on here. Now get to posting those pics and videos!! Haha


Welcome @RogueGunnWorks
Great to have you here!