HR 1112 Yet another attack by the Left


Enhanced Background Checks further degrade our rights as lawful gun owners.

This bill would burden law-abiding citizens by a Federal administration that chose to slow down processing of background checks. This would be another means for the Federal government to further infringe upon a natural right explicitly protected by the Constitution. Existing law is sufficient to allow for confirming buyers’ backgrounds during firearm transfers by Federally licensed firearms dealers. The failure of government to complete an action in the currently prescribed time limits should not prevent law abiding citizens from exercising their rights under the Constitution. The Brady Bill which enacted background checks was touted as the big fix and also promised instant background checks which the government has repeatably failed to provide accuracy and instantly as promised. That was why congress put in place the 3 day safety valve that currently exist. Adding another layer of bureaucracy and dubious and assumed discretionary authority does no more than further strip away the rights of the lawful citizen. Gun rights supporters have spent the last 30 years successfully working to remove may-issue licensing schemes that empower those in government to indulge their political biases and general prejudices to control the exercise of a constitutional right. Gun owners and civil liberties supporters across the political spectrum must recognize H.R. 1112 for what it is, a measure that would subject the exercise of a constitutional right to the unfettered discretion of federal bureaucrats.

Write your representatives today and let them know the disgust you have in such attempts as this.