HR-1For the People Act of 2019

Thinly disguised attempt by the left to defraud us as a people and cover abuses as in past elections.
If you recall the activist left bused people around to different locations to vote many times.
Although proof was presented the enforcement agencies failed to follow through and prosecute those responsible. So the Democrapes want to make it easier to hide their tracks with crap like this.

All American Citizens of voting age should be required to prove they are a legal U.S. Citizen by showing their I.D. All states require proof of birth as well as residence to obtain a drivers license today. Internet registration is ludicrous as it is exploitable and can only lead to more voter fraud as was shown in the last election when liberal activists bused around people to vote several times to different locations in an attempt to defeat the Republican vote. This was not pursued by enforcement entities even though it was shown to be true many times. This alone was yet another failure of government to protect our rights and shall be scrutinized in every election in the future. Do Not let this type of bill to become law as it further degrades the electoral process by making it easier to defraud the American Peoples right to express our values and desires as to what we as a people believe this country should be.



Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Yeah, I don’t trust anything with Pelosi’s name on it.

And, internet signup - hmmm, now that could be abused!


The Crimes of voter fraud were easily proven and even with challenges, like Georgia and Florida. Even with main stream media on their side, the crimes were obvious. Voting while dead, or in a foreign country is not the correct means, please be alert because they stoop very low.