HR 2179 Federal Firearms Licensee Protection Act

Increasing the penalty of any firearm theft is good.
This zeros in on ranges and shops.

The wording of the amendment can be construed to state that any firearm cannot be taken away from a range. Not just stolen firearms.
“(2) It shall be unlawful for a person to steal or unlawfully take or carry away from the premises of a gun range at which a firearm may be rented or of a shooting club, any firearm that has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.”.

Wording must be changed on this or it can be twisted and used against anyone that takes a firearm to a range or shop.
I oppose on these grounds.



Glad you are watching the wording - we all need to do that!

Does the qualifier “unlawfully” help any? It makes a difference to me, but I am not a lawyer, or even close.

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I am not a lawyer either but in grammar the comma separates the items in a sentence.
That would in theory give some anti-gun lawyer or judge an opportunity.
I am not real happy that the amendments zero in on ranges or shops specifically either.
Theft is Theft regardless where it happens.
It is akin to hate laws as well.
Assault is Assault regardless of why or whom it occurred against.
I despise those as well.

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