HR 2674 We Know Better than You Act

Ok its real name is:

H.R.2674 - Gun Theft Prevention Act

Are you kidding me!!!
Thieves will commit theft, that’s why we call them thieves.
Is the next attempt to take firearms from all law abiding people and lock them in a warehouse where we need to check them out?
Stop this nonsense and stop telling me how to run my life and what I do with my private property as well.
I have rights that seem to be ignored and the current house majority is doing everything it can to impose their views on me as well.
Try having them go after criminals instead.
A criminal already has more rights than I do.
OPPOSE this Strongly


Resist with every ounce of being.


Amazing assumptions and presumptions, I suppose instead of constructive legislation, they must try for the “15 minutes” of spotlight for the folks back at their districts. Encroaching into personal space, similar to other intrusive violations into commerce and life in general.


This reads, in part:

“(2) The Attorney General may deny an application submitted under subsection (a) or (b) if the Attorney General determines—

“(A) issuing the license would pose a danger to public safety; or

“(B) that the applicant—

“(i) is not likely to comply with the law; or

“(ii) is otherwise not suitable to be issued a license.”; and

NOT LIKELY TO COMPLY WITH THE LAW??? What does that mean? How is that determined? Sounds like more of that Minority Report crap!