HR 3296 The AOC stupidity is spreading beyond guns too

H.R. 3296 To require group health plans and group or individual health insurance coverage to provide coverage for over-the-counter contraceptives.

Are not my insurance rates high enough?
Wasn’t the rate INCREASES I saw with the Affordable Care Act enough?
Now they want to add this nonsense to my so called Affordable insurance coffer as well?
How about returning to Responsibility for Actions, Morality and teaching to people to control their primal urges?

Yet another giveaway from MY WALLET.


The bill is to be used to give alternative to the pro-life politics, however, over-the-counter is like self- medicating so it cannot be legitimate to legal requirement. It is not like cold or flu, aspirin or other over-the-counter products. Seems like the “Just Say No” or in more serious times there is “The Morning After” or “Plan B” which contradicts some church groups. I believe AOC’s bill is ill-founded and has little chance of interesting any of the other congressmen trying to do some work or investigating something.


They’re using our money to buy votes. It makes me vomit. I’m sick of the left wing nut jobs. I mean look at everything they’re bribing people with already. Reparations, free college, existing college loans forgiven, free healthcare, and I believe the list is growing.

Reparations really pisses me off cause it’s enslaving white labor to give to blacks. My kids nor do I deserve to be unfairly taxed to buy them their black votes. But 1/4 of these bribes will be payed by white labor, and 3/4ths will be paid by the collective labor of middle class Americans.


I would be good with reparations, in fact, I insist upon them! A ONE TIME ONLY PAYMENT in the form of a 1-way cargo ship travel voucher back to Mother Africa. Hood rats think they got it so bad here with all their freebies & opportunities? By all means, back to your homeland! Instead of putting up with evil whitey & all his handouts here, you could be home in Mother Africa!!! All could enjoy these luxurious accommodations: MUD HUTS, complete with dirt floors, POO FLINGING PARTIES,gots ta have some entertainment, THE FLY CRAWL, 24/7 full body coverage of disease ridden flies all over you. And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite, THE RUNNING FROM THE LIONS! Nothin says FUN like runnin yo ass off to avoid BECOMING SOMBODYS DINNER!

So tell me again how bad you whining Mother Fuc%ers have it here!!:fu:


After the civil war general Sherman setup the 40acres and a mule policy . But after Lincons death the first Democrat elected Andrew Jackson cancelled the order and so started a long hard screwing for the black race in the US and they just keep saying can Wes have more and deeper master to the Democrat s.