Hudson Manufacturing going bankrupt

There was talks of this last year. Sad part is they havnt even fixed the bugs with the h9 yet.


What was the draw, a built in light or?


Very low bore axis with good grip angle. I didn’t drink the cool aid though.


I was interested in it also. But didn’t bite.

I did bite on the Desert Tech MDR and IMO everyone who bought it early got screwed. Long story that I won’t go into. I figured we got screwed to keep Desert Tech in business (essentially) but that’s not why I was an early buyer of the rifle (I waited 4 years) I just wanted the bullpup. I liked what I read. Even then I didn’t get what I wanted but that was my decision and IMO it was the correct decision as it turned out. Looking at it from the manufacturers eyes, esp’ a start up, it’s gotta be tough. It takes cash to make it all work. It still sux, the Hudson was intriguing.