Humorous Comparison of an AK47, an AR15 and a Mosin


Mosin’s make good boat anchors also…


Looks like a good club too.


Looks like price and service life take the :cake:




There were quite a few of these. I think there was one for ak47, m16 and 91/30…

Found it but forgot it was in Russian…

I am still laughing…

Granted not everything is accurate, but some things are still pretty funny. My translations:

M16 AK47 Mosin Nagant
Under magnifying glass you can melt the stock Under magnifying glass instead of grease you can see still performing substitute - dirt from Vietnam Under magnifying glass you can still see blood soaked into the wood
Jams when dirty Works when dirty Was issued dirty since 1932
Hundreds of moving parts held together with bolts and pins About 20 moving parts held together with a handful of rivets 3 moving parts, 2 bolts.
You would rather die than risk damaging your expensive rifle in a hand to hand fight Your AK can be used satisfactorily in a hand to hand engagement Your rifle is a wonderful spear that can also shoot
When firing pin breaks, send rifle back to manufacturer under warranty When firing pin breaks, you replace it with a new one When firing pin breaks, screw it in 2 turns
More difficult to produce than some airplanes Used by countries that can’t afford planes Was used to shoot down planes
Makes a fine hole, in accordance with Geneva Conventions Makes a large hole, sometimes ripping off limbs, not in accordance with Geneva Conventions One of the reasons for Geneva Conventions
Beautifully deals with varmints Beautifully deals with enemies Beautifully deals with light utility vehicles
Submerged, stops working Submerged continues to work Can be used as an oar
Weapon for defense Weapon for offense Weapon of victory
Grenade launcher is heavy but can place a grenade into a window from 200 meters If the launcher fails you can still take the grenade off and throw it into the window with your hand Grenade into a window? Just shoot through the wall, 7,62x54R goes through almost 1 meter of brick wall
Can be used with a suppressor. Small cartridge makes little noise In theory, can be used with a suppressor, but it is simply better to force the enemy down Why suppress when after the first shot everyone is deaf anyway?
owner drinks whiskey owner drinks vodka owner drinks transmission fluid ran down a chilled crowbar

1m Nazi’s might disagree :skull_and_crossbones:

If they could:grinning: