Hunting - Biggest Animal You Have Ever Taken and What With?


A lot of us gun owners like to hunt. So, what is the biggest animal (type, weight, or however you want to think of it), that you have successfully hunted? And, what did you take it with (kind of gun, ammo used)? And, at what distance?


Non-typical (175 5/8" net) 17pt 245lb, dressed Whitetail Buck @ 40yrds w/ compound bow in 2010.


This one was harvested w/ a 12g Remington 870 Express Deer Rifle Barrel & one Brenneke 3" 1-1/4oz Sabot.

2011 Typical (143" net) 9pt 225lb, dressed Whitetail Buck @ 25yrds.


Thanks for the pictures and great details, Wildlife.


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Spike elk 40 yards. With pse compound bow, finger shooting. Muzzy broadheads. Traveled about 50 yards after hit.
6x6 Muley at 150 yards 30-06, remington 165 gr. green box. The deadliest mushroom in the woods. Went about 40 yards.
Cow elk 30-06 180 grain federal nosler partition. Ran 10 yards.


Spike elk .270 in a Remington 700 at about 50 yards.


Thanks for your input, Davedavey and Jtr. Great info.