Hunting community

I’ve been looking for a 2nd friendly site to share hunting with. I don’t see much here. Is it not welcomed? Would love to share my stories and videos.


I would love to whack some hogs!

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Haven’t hunted yet but I plan on handgun hunting layer this year

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I would say post it up…Full30 should be fine with it or ask admin if they would consider a Hunting Thread…lots of people leaving Youtube so Full30 is going to grow…

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I’ve tried contacting the admins so far no response. I have built a channel here as well. But haven’t found the upload button. Maybe it’s a probation thing I don’t know.

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PLEASE share your hunting stories with us. They would be most welcome.

Thank you.

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I have done a little bit of handgun hunting. It is lots of fun!

What kinds of handguns will you use? What will you hunt?

Word of advice: bring a shotgun with you, too. Helps for if/when you just wound the animal and want to finish it off.

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