hunting trigger help???


wasn’t sure where to put this and since this is a hunting rifle I decided here. I have a PSA pa10 in 308. I absolutely hate the trigger. I am torn between two different brands. First the Larue mbt 2 stage and the POF single stage.
Supposedly the Larue has a 2 lb pull and a 2,5 lb break. The POF I have had in my hand and it breaks likes glass at 3.5 with no creep at all as far as I could tell. I have had a 2 stage and have single stage triggers. Each has its pros and cons.
Anybody here have any experience with either and what are your impressions?


I like two stage triggers for the fudge factor. A lot of people will tell you “if your fingers on the trigger you should be shooting, otherwise take it off” I agree in the importance of keeping your booger hook off the bang switch unless you are ready to bring the pain. Some of those people have also never had a buck show you its ass just before you squeeze off a shot. my .02 Cents.


I run a bunch of Geissele triggers but after getting my firsr LaRue 3 more shortly followed. I prefer 2 stage on my hunting rifles


You should have a plethora of AR triggers around, used, new, loved, hated and turning up where unexpected,

it the end, they’l all be your children :ar15::ar15::ar15:


For me, i prefer a single stage trigger.
I have had GREAT success with any Hiperfire trigger. So much so I became a dealer.
For hunting, target, or range day… i love them…
With that being said, i have 2 daily carry rifles that I have done my own “trigger” in… and 2 that I use but not often (suppressed MCX with thermal and a LWRC SBR)
First off, they (daily carry) are both LWRC weapons. One is a suppressed piston drive and the other is a DI rifle.
What I do is micro polish the factory nickle boron hammer, then use a Mega Arms trigger bow.
The main reason I do this is that I want a 4 pound trigger for a “combat” rifle. Second is that I have XL hands and need the trigger moved forward for proper finger placement.
But for me, I LOVE the Hiperfire 24C trigger with the adjustable finger pad. It is extremely crisp out of the box and the reset is crazy fast.

The Mega Arms trigger bow

Hiperfire 2424-C


I have had a few issues over the years with the geissele trigger on AR10s… it is usually a light hammy strike. They talk about this even on their website. So make sure you get one designed for the AR-10
As for the drop in POF… great trigger!
I do have one and I really like it. But at the end of the day, it is not what I reach for.


I have as well but it was on old or surplus ammo. New was fine. Drove me nuts. Smooth as glass but you never knew if it would go off or not so yanked it


I would recommend the larue mbt2.
With the POF you will install KNS anti walk pins.

I guess if I where in the middle of the woods. The last thing I would want is more parts that could get loose, or break. It’s also nice to be able to take apart your trigger assemble with out needing tools.


I understand that but if I am in the woods and it fails I have missed the chance anyways. My Remington R15 ar has clipped trigger pins, Has c clips holding them in so I cant get them out period. I have no tools for this. But I am leaning towards the Larue
I would just love to dry fire or shoot one with this trigger to feel it I guess.


Same here. I run Velocity triggers in two of my AR’s. The owner of Velocity formerly worked at Timney and started his own company. Good trigger for a good price, IMHO. I bought mine on eBay for around $120 shipped.


Absolutely, they do make a quality trigger!


Can’t speak to the LaRue or the POF, but here’s a quick list of known good stuff:


  • ALG ACT ($69)
  • Hypertouch Hyperfire EDT Enhanced Duty (looks like it’s called Sharp Shooter now) ($99)
    (You can lighten the pull weight a bit using the JP Enterprises Enhanced Reliability spring kit on either of the above - NOTE: NOT the Reduced Power Kit)


  • Rock River Arms Two Stage Trigger Group - Varmint 3.5lbrr2stg3.5 ($120)
  • Geissele SSA (~$240)