Hurricane Season is Here

Hello all,

With Hurricane season upon us, I just bought something that some others here might find useful too.

That with an portable power pack, and you can charge your phones/tablets/ect. just from the sun. Hope this helps someone!


And they have a 5% off coupon right now.

Cell communication is critical in a disaster scenario. Is it a guaranteed fix? No - cell towers could be down for example. But it is super useful in most scenarios.


Have you used it yet?

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In regards to the cell towers going down, check out this app:

Uses your devices wifi and bluetooth adapters to send and receive signals, instead of using the towers. And it lets you keep your same phone number while doing it. Made with help from the red cross for disaster scenarios.

And, no, I haven’t used it yet. But I’m draining my power pack today, so I can set it up in my car tomorrow, and see how well it does during the first half of my shift.


Both cell towers and landlines were down for about a month at my Dad’s house in Biloxi after Katrina hit. Come to think of it, clean water and electricity were also unavailable for about the same length of time, but I digress.

Don’t the Mexican cartels use portable mini cell towers? Not sure how they work or how ecpensive they are, but thought it was worth a mention.


how your Northern Cousins deal with a hurricane