Hyskore Parallax Sighting Rest - BANNED By YouTube

While I work behind the scenes on getting the issues with this video and YouTube resolved… it is available NOW on a variety of platforms including RIGHT HERE on FULL30. Yeah for simplicity, right? Enjoy guys!


YouTube: Effing communist propaganda machine.

When are the patriots on that site going to jump ship and get over here to Full30?


never because what is the point of “outreach” to gain people to our side if you are ONLY over here were the patriots already are. you can’t recruit your own bro. i get the sentiment and am SUPER thankfull that sites like FULL30 exist. plus, as you are aware, i do use this platform for more than just dropping my videos, i actually respond to threads and stuff… so maybe a better gripe would be why do more creators not do that?

all that said, i can’t go into great detail, NDA, but have been in close talks with several inside YouTube and have been working with them for months on quite a few things. as a results, until now, i have had absolutely zero issues and have been albe to hep other creators, that want to listen, do the same. this most recent hiccup has expose a pretty serious issue that they immediately seen the need to resolve, problem is, YouTube is not a single man operation or anywhere close to the smaller scale of FULL30 and we see how long it takes to line things out here, right? i should be having a meeting with some of the policy team members, maybe even the head of policy on the first week of January. i am pretty sure i can disclose that because they told me that they wanted to have the meeting “on the record” so that i could bring those details back to the firearm creator community, not that anyone is gonna listen. if i had a bazillion subs or whatever, then maybe folks would. I have yet to talk to one single person on YouTube who wants to deplatform firearm creators. They see the value in that type of content being on the platform, particularly from an education and safety stance. do they censor the more political things, yeah, maybe, but i see that being done on both sides too. when i communicate with them, we do not talk politics, we talk about safety, we talk about education, we talk about legality, but we do not muddy the waters. we are never going to accomplish anything by doing that. things are built in phases, building are built one brick at a time and that has been my approach with the and besides this current issue, it has been working. i do with i could talk about more of what i know but just can’t, at least not “publicly”, i fyou know what i mean. :slight_smile:


Well, I will be interested to see how everything works out in the next few years. I know it’s going to be anything but a smooth ride from here on out though.

And for what it’s worth, I am over on YouTube inviting other worthwhile creators whenever I can. Do they listen? Not usually. YouTube is still where the $$$ is, and as we know, $$$ almost always trumps principles.


not about money for many, it is about reach (which for some does mean money, sure). my question is why not both? why do they just use this as a “backup”? i use every platform i can, some are better than others. right now, with this latest video everywhere but YouTube, freaking Brighteon is doing better than even FULL30, so you never know, not until you use alternatives.
on the state of 2a moving forward, i am more optimistic than most but believe that many factors contribute to it not being nearly as bad as most people think. i remember how bad it was supposed to be under Obama, heck they made motion pictures about that stuff, it was not. all the shenanigans of late has started to galvanize the resistance. of course that all partially hinges of the GA special elections too, hopefully there are enough eyes over there to keep thing above board. as far as what youtube does, eh, i can’t believe they would be spending time working with me, a nobody, on this if their intentions was to run all the firearm content off the platforms, it just isn’t logical. if i were huge, maybe, just to appease me but they have nothing to fear as far as backlash from me, i don’t have the clout.


I’m just happy the wife’s 16in upper ffrom BCA and PSA lower kit is coming today!!!
Oh, that may have been what was left an hour ago…