I am Igor from Russia

Good day, dear participants!

I am a new member from Russia. I don’t speak English very well, so I apologize for the Google translator :-).

I want to tell you a little about the gun laws in the Russian Federation, as the participant Ton from Europe did in another topic. Our situation is different from the situation in the United States, where each state has its own laws. Russia has one weapon law for the entire country.

The biggest problem we have is the issue of self-defense and home defense. We banned pistols and revolvers that shoot metal bullets and have a rifled barrel. The only thing we are allowed for self-defense on the street is a weapon that fires rubber bullets. It is very weak - the maximum energy allowed is only 91 joules. This is very small - at the level of a 22LR caliber weapon. You cannot independently load cartridges for your self-defense weapon - this is considered a criminal offense. Probably, it will seem ridiculous for residents of the United States when people buy weapons that shoot rubber bullets from us for an amount of $ 500-1000. But other pistols and revolvers are simply forbidden to us!

With shotguns and rifles, we are a little easier, but still have our difficulties. For example, rifled weapons can only be purchased 5 years after purchasing a shotgun. I understand that this is stupid - but such are our laws.

But the main problem is how our laws relate to self-defense. Officially, we are allowed to defend ourselves - on the street with pistols with rubber bullets, in the house - with shotguns and rifles. But in fact, any self-defense in court is recognized as a crime, and the one that defended himself is imprisoned.

For example, in the summer of 2011, a gang hired by a local drug dealer attacked the village of Sagra (near Yekaterinburg) because local residents wanted to drive this drug dealer out. There were about 50 people in the gang (they arrived in 15 cars), they had knives, bats, firearms - including assault rifles. 10 local men, who had 1-3 shotguns, decided to defend their village. They had nowhere to retreat - their wives and children were in the village. A shootout began, as a result of which several bandits were injured (one of them later died). Local men defended their homes and their families. But when the police arrived, they were accused of being the first to attack. Two people were arrested. And only thanks to the fact that this story became known on the Internet, the police released the local residents, dropped the charges against them, and began to search for the bandits.

And we have a lot of such situations. In fact, any shooting for self-defense and home protection is recognized by the court as a crime.

Therefore, many of our people look at America as an example of how it should be in Russia. But our government wants something different - that people would be afraid to defend themselves, and that citizens would have as few weapons as possible. Therefore, our arms community is constantly under pressure - increasingly complex procedures for buying weapons, frequent fines, and sometimes trumped-up criminal cases. The courts in the Russian Federation are completely corrupt, it is impossible to achieve justice here. Therefore, there is only one way out for us - the Internet. There are many Russian-language weapons, shooting and hunting channels on Youtube.com. But there, as everyone knows, there is a restriction on freedom of speech on weapons topics. And in the Russian Federation, few people know that Full30.com exists. Therefore, I decided to try to create a Russian-language channel here, so that the audience from Russia would come here.

In the coming days, I will start uploading my videos here from my Youtube channel. The voice acting there is in Russian, but if someone is interested, I can accompany the videos with a text transcript, translated into English through a google translator.



Welcome @IM1

sorry you got caught in our gulag for so long :flushed:


Welcome, I am sure your experiences could enlighten a lot of people in this country if they would just open their eyes and be willing to learn the truth.


I hope our friends here will forgive a bit of Russian, so…

Привет, тёзка @IM1

Приятно видеть ещё одного русскоязычного человека на этом форуме.

И идея русскоязычного канала тоже очень даже ничего. Мои подписчики на ютубе часто просят видео на русском.

Кстати, перевод хороший.


@Mosinvirus do your people have any interogation tricks for weeding out spies? /s




Having said all that I like Putin more than Biden.


And just to be clear I am only joking here. Welcome to the forum @IM1.


Welcome to Full 30 @IM1 !!


Despite the fact that Russian is Greek to me, welcome to the forum.

BTW, I understood what you wrote perfectly.


Welcome from Kentucky.


Now Hunter…your dad ain’t gonna like that.


Welcome Igor from near Raleigh NC


Says the official Full30 equivalent of Joe Biden


The rUSsiA welcomes you, go hit the vodka and laugh it off…


Vodka is overated


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not when you live in russia…just saying.


If you can afford guns than you can afford real booze like whiskey, just sayin…


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