I built a MANDALORIAN rifle!

Really loved the first season of The Mandalorian. Those who know me know I have always been a big Mandalorian fan. Anyway, took that inspiration and a lot of work to build my take on the Mandalorian rifle. Please help share this around if you can… I really don’t think there is anything out there like it. There are lots of 3D printed and wood replicas but nothing that looks similar and actually works.


Star Wars LOL, I was really wondering WTF


get with the program there you old geezer :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


As a Star Wars and Mandalorian fan, that is way too cool!


I could have helped you out in the shocking department. It would be pretty easy. As far as you can’t show it on YouTube… YOU’RE ON THE FULL30 BUD.


really didn’t want help, wanted to do it myself with common stuff that anyone can do. as for showing things, my plan is to eventually do a little less polished video with more detail and post it on FULL30 and GunStreamer… however, I had to purposes for making this (other than just wanting a freaking awesome looking rifle)… one was to do something with high potential to trend or go viral so that I could compare some YouTube analytics (i have noticed some weird things and needed more data to make some decision for there moving into 2020) second, this was an opportunity to REALLY cross over and maybe catch some non firearm people that can potentially be exposed to our awesome community… neither of those things can be accomplished on just FULL30 or GunStreamer.


That is pretty damn cool. I really like the Mandalorian as well. I actually got my child funko pop in today. Not nearly as cool as your rifle but he is pretty darn cute lol. I do have some issues with the series especially with the not removing of the helmets deal. When did that become a thing for the Mandalorians because they take their helmets off all the time in every other series. I do like the idea though.