I decided to test a cheap flashlight as a weapon light


As the title of this thread states, I tested a cheap flashlight from Walmart to see if it’d function as a weapon light.

Long story short, if it’s going to go on a gun for any kind of defensive purpose, get an actual weapon light. This light is only 20 lumens. Excuse the editing, I’m still getting the hang of my editing software.


Cool. I’m surprised it survived that many rounds.


These led lights are pretty tough. even the cheap ones. 20 lumens is not very bright. would probably be ok inside a house at close range. probably not going to blind an intruder thou. but the blue has gotta go.lol


I am too, I honestly thought it’d be lucky to survive 10 rounds.


Yeah, definitely would recommend any other light over this one. I may test out a harbor freight light next or a rayovac.


The biggest killer of led lights is the switch. I have some old cheap lights that I keep in the truck and they take a beating. if they break I hadn’t lost much. then I have some high dollar lights that the switch failed.

I bought two of these at home depot the other day for 5 bucks each. they were advertised for 20 bucks on tv. I do see why they didn’t sell well. you have to go through all the different cycles to turn it off. high medium, low, strobe, SOS, and area. 5 times you have to click the switch just to turn it off.

a shame and poor thinking on the design. it is a bright light and the area light is bright.


I actually went out and found a similar light to this. That may be the next one I test.

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you got to test the As Seen On TV flashlight that runs on water😂

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A flashlight that runs on water? I’ve never seen or heard of that, definitely looking for one now!

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They have those water lights at wal mart, big bulky things.

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I picked it up and looked at it, you still have to buy the cells. they didn’t sell those. basically it’s an oversized light that when the cell is used up. it’s a trotline weight. from what I understand they don’t last long either. it works like the old carbon lamps. Old technology in a new case. Give me an LED anyday. brighter and more efficient. batteries last a long time and are easily accessible.


Looking at that, it may be way too big to fit the mount I’ve got right now

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Duct tape!:rofl:

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Lol something tells me the range safety officer at my local range would have a shit fit if I did that

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