I did the unthinkable - I went to a gun shop without buying anything


I’m shocked. I was picking up an online order for my dad and I walked out with nothing other than the pickup.

I’m very shocked. I’m not sure how I did it.


If there were ever a reason to apply the troll badge, I believe this is it. :rofl:





There must be something wrong here…invasion of the body snatchers perhaps!?


I do it everyday lol


Do you need a doctor?


My question here is this, if she’s calling you a loser, why is her L backwards.


Yessss. :rofl:


Because SHE is the loser. :grizzly_:


That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. People like you are why I’m instituting an admission charge in my shop. Like a cover charge at the titty bar. How dare you, sir… how dare you… Lmao

Actually, come to think of it, with the extra revenue from the door, I could hire strippers to sell guns. I just came up with either the best business plan in history, or the worst… Hmm…



And all other opinions!


Trolltally. Then again. He might have the flu. Could have thought he was at Starbucks.


One of the Nashville gun shows used to be run by a guy that, from what I heard, owned a strip club and would have his ladies handle admissions at the door.

I must have missed that. Earliest one of his shows that I can remember going to, I didn’t see anybody that looked like a stripper.


I do that all the time . I go in and check prices and look at specific guns then look on line to see how they compare . As far as hiring strippers to sale guns most of them I have seen don’t look very good in the light of day or when you are sober.