What have you bought lately? What are you waiting on in the mail? Seems we all love feeding our “habits”, guns, knives, ammo, gear, etc. We’ve all said " I got everything I need, until something new comes out, or “it was on sale”. Figured I start this thread, maybe we’ll see more stuff we really didn’t need until we saw somebody else bought it , now I want it! LOL



My purchase today. There’s always a need for more cans. The price was right,$144 for 24 cans.(I gave my boss 2,) tractor supply.


I ordered the Accu shot mono pod for my RPR last night from Amazon


Nice score! Now make those cans heavy. :wink:



I’m waiting on my AR500 Auto Max from Big Horn armory. Been waiting over a year and finely got an Email the other day that it’s about a week or so out. Buffalo bore is also sending me two boxes of every load that have for the auto max.


Awesome!I’m looking forward to your pics and input on that


Been a long wait. They claim it’s why more power than a Beowulf, but uses the same size case but with a different extractor. The Auto max, and Beowulf use the same 500 magnum case with the rim cut down.


I’m trying to talk myself out of an A2 stripped upper for $75. I traded my A2 carbine for a Garand some years ago and now I kinda miss it. I don’t need a new project now…i…cant…fight it…


Lol, I hear ya! If you need help justifying the purchase to yourself, oh, oh yeah, the Democrats want to ban guns! there! That should be that little pushyou need, see how us addicts love helping one another LOL


I will pick up another glock. Have a coupon.
Need it? No. Will get it? Yes.

Other than that, need to buy a house. Want it? Yes. Need it? Yes.


Damn priorities!:money_mouth_face: what glock are you looking at?


I have a 26, 30, 19, 17, 34.
Thinking another 19.


That’ll be nice!


And once I get the g19 I will probably for the first time ever try one of them aftermarket tacticool triggers.

Another thing to add to “dont need” column.


It’s fun to customize, almost a necessity lol


I got a couple of poly80 lowers when they were on clearance at Brownells.


Good price?


$75 each



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