If my range allowed FMJ I would. :frowning:


Great score!


223 Rem 62 Grain Hollow Point TulAmmo Steel Case with Brass Jacket Non-Magnetic Bullet - TA223624

Actually, what I bought was hollow point. Don’t suppose that helps?


Ohhh my is she nice… might be my new favorite!


That’s a beauty!


Nice, Is it FA? They are a blast to shoot,


My neighbor has two of those in 45 long colt. they are nice.


But how can you not need ammo?


Bought these on sale a while back, didn’t need them but…


Still waiting for the 7.62 version


Not a bad deal and this stuff shoots pretty good. + shipping, limit of 3.


Me too, I will probably get one. I know the 5.56 ones are kinda a pain to load. they go fast at 750 RPM.


A new discount store opened up in my town and they had these gems.


Sig M400 I really didn’t need it :rofl::joy: but it followed me home :blush:


Looks very similar to an adams arms (blemish) 11.5” Pistol that followed me home. Everything on it was “a didn’t want it or need it deal.”

The law folder cost me next to nothing and the EOTech was free (came on another gun I bought used) or I wouldn’t have it.




Nice! Pocket size with the stock folded


How dare you sir, that is not a stock that is a “brace” because my SBR self identifies as a Pistol.


My apologies, fine sir😜