Lol, I think I have enough to fill them, might even need more.


Damn, Lonewolf, I’m going through this right now. Again. Mk12 Mod H in 6.5 Grendel. Do I need it? Yeah, just as much as I needed the other 4. Do I want it? Yeah, because… AND I DON’T KNOW WHY…

Riddle me the answer to that one, Batman. We’ll solve the world’s problems… :rofl:


Its obviously a treatment for Black Rifle Disease, do you write it off as a medical expense?


You have to. Claim it on your ObamaCare if you must.


“Obamacare” what a deceiving name. You are a real buzz kill.


Hey. You asked for it… :kissing_closed_eyes:


Its just the Obama part of it. Bleep it out next time like this “*****care”


Ordered a Remington 308 783 threaded barrel last night. Nongun related I picked up a manfrotto tripod and fluid head last night as well.


Ammo ammo and more ammo.
It’s a need, not a want.
I don’t do wants anymore.
It’s a geezer thing :roll_eyes:


I’m telling myself, “It’ll just ride on my Nodak 601 lower as a conversion kit. I won’t need to build another lower.” That’s how my 7,62x39 rifle started…


PWS MK220 Mod-1M with a good (undecided) quality scope to sit on top… I promise this will be the last rifle I buy. It will be a birthday gift to me :smiley:

In the meantime, for Christmas, I bought an intercooler, charge pipes, and an intake pipe for my car (that I’m not even on the same continent as).


you need it because no gun should be an orphan! Step up and be a great stepfather!!!


Lmao, I’ve said last gun I’m ever going to buy -I don’t know how many times​:rofl::joy:


Ok, you seem like you need a little more convincing LOL. just think, the world could end tomorrow, at least you’d have one thing you wanted and worked so hard for…


Maybe consider joining the National Gaurd , so you can spend some quality family time with your car and rifles.


That’ll be sweet!


Can’t go from Varsity to little leagues :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:




I imagine the end game of this will be me scouring the Interwebs for a colt “AR-15A2” marked lower. And I’m weird so I’ll probably pay through the nose for one of the early forge patterns with the smoother receiver extension reinforcements/pivot pin boss…


And you’ll be very happy with it!