Depending on my bonus(es) at work I could possibly end up with 2~3 more “items”.

I will update this thread for sure once I order / receive these.


Flip it. I just ordered it. Anchor Harvey forge code.

It’s not like I have to build it today or even this year…


Nice! I figured you would, you’re as bad as the rest of us when we want something lol


Currently building an AR10. Upper and lower receiver were bought last year. Just received the Criterion barrel, adjustable gas block and gas tube. With tax money I will be ordering the rest of the parts I need for completion.


Awesome! Make sure to post some pics when it’s finished.


Will do. Here it is so far.


Lookn’ good so far.


I thought this was about things you didn’t need. :rofl:
Looks good so far. :+1:. If you have any issues, head over to the 308ar forum.


GGGWood, get over to .308ar.com and get the details up on it - if something isn’t gonna play right with it, we’ll figure it out quick.




Oh I don’t “need” this AR10 but I’d rather have it and not need it rather than to need it and not have it. :wink::grin:


Just registered at 308ar.com :+1:


I saw that - get the details of your recoil system up there, and we’ll hit that first. If you don’t hit the intro thread in the next 5 minutes, I’ll make your intro for you… :rofl:



That’s funny I just bought 3-50’s and 4-30’s never enough storage I’m going to start marking them on the outside so I can find what’s inside lol


Lol, I mark everything! Was never a fan of the game memory


I’m going to put this one down in the need category, Odin Works 1in FLM


What you putting that on?


Lone Wolf I haven’t decided yet :thinking:
I’m trying out different combinations seeing what I like and what I don’t like

I just picked this one up also a Magpul FLM.


Interesting! I like it!


Picked one of these up when they were on sale. Nice job full30!


Bought a GSG MP40P did the trigger upgrades for it and having a BALL shooting it… Thinking about making it a SBR just for the joy of shooting.