Ooooooh, nice!!


Awesome! Got any pics of it?


do tell
I am waiting for mine in the mail and we get the stock
what is this “trigger” you are talking about.


Trigger bar replacements take the slop out of the trigger and make it a pleasure to fire. Srdiver- http://www.atlanticwallblanks.com/GSG-Mp40-IMPROVED-TRIGGER-BAR_p_516.html


Man, you need to get to your Intro Post over there - the Savages are getting restless, waiting on you to speak. I think someone’s gonna get chopped up if you don’t say something soon… :rofl:


Holy Sweet Cute LIttle Precious Tiny Baby Jesus… we finally -FINALLY - drew out @GGGwood over there… :rofl:


Now I can say I have made it in this world when people are looking for me on the forums. :rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:


It was terrible, man - you signed up a week ago, then… POOF! GONE! We had to draw you out somehow!.. :kissing_heart:


Damn gun show! I picked up a key mod mount bipod, & new strap for the RPR, some new brass brushes, & 6 more US 50 cal ammo cans.




@LonewolfMcQuade Dang gun shows will get you every time. Can’t have enough ammo cans though! Good score!


$8 each, great condition. I’d already filled all my other cans, these wont be empty long lol


The mono pod i got last week fits the RPR perfect & folds away nice.



I just installed the UTG bipod Recon Flex from the gun show. I really like it! Mounts right on the sides of the handrail and the arms fold in multiple positions & the arms can be stored up facing the muzzle or back towards the butt end of the gun. Seems very versatile and very rock-solid.




Very cool. :sunglasses:


I don’t know why I bought this… but I did.