How could you not???


In my opinion, a man that cannot justify buying something that he is interested in, no matter how crazy the justification is, is not a man!


What exact is it?


Now the insanity ensues on setting up a case for it. My great friend @Detonics has given me 2 Pelican cases to play with, the shorter is the 1700 model and the longer case is the 1750



This is the longer 1750 model



insanity would be NOT having a case for it.


That is true LOL


I’m kind of digging this setup so far but that’ll probably change 4 million times in my head in the next 24 hours LOL


@LonewolfMcQuade what a great setup you have made. I like the long case, if we get to help you decide. :thinking:


I’m kind of leaning for the longer case myself. If I was going to go minimalist, I would probably go with a shorter case. But the longer case comfortably allows me to put the pistol knife flashlight whatever the hell I want


It’s a replica. :ok_hand:


Those Pelican things are DANGEROUS.

You wind up buying all kinds of stuff because there’s more room, because this is too big or small, because having “this” you now need “that,” because something doesn’t “go” with something else, because all it needs is such and such to finish it off, etc.

Multitool, cleaning kit, extra battery, water filter, MRE, hearing protection, parts kit, ferro rod, knife sharpener, locks, cable, binoculars . . . . Hey, it’s got wheels!

Ok, maybe it’s just me.


Lol, son of a bitch! Heading back to my gun room with arms full of more gear!


I would go small - wouldn’t want you to throw your back trying to carry a full big one…


Lol, its got wheels & harbor freight got small engines on sale…


I swear, if I went to a gun show I’d come home with a couple more Mosins… I just know it.


just last night ordered a muzzle break for my 308…got it of r60 ubcks used I feel good about this and the trigger has its down payment so I should get it in in a week or so


Uh-oh . . . . :flushed:

GOTTA BUY MORE SHIT!!! :exploding_head: :scream: :credit_card::heavy_dollar_sign::credit_card::heavy_dollar_sign: